Free Website SEO Audit

Some folks are afraid of performing our free website SEO audit because they fear it will highlight the mistakes and other issues on their website.

Free Katy Seo Audit

Why you should perform a website SEO audit

Some people are afraid of performing a website SEO audit because they fear it will highlight the issues on their website. Actually, this is a good thing because you can then solve these issues and make your website better.

If you are a service business owner, such as HVAC, you should have some idea why website audits are important. If not, it is time to get informed. Here is why website audits are so important.

The benefits of performing our Free website SEO audit are:

• You will be able to find any link building opportunities you may have missed

• You will be able to find any technical SEO issues that need fixing

• You will be able to improve your organic rankings

• You will be able to increase your organic traffic

• You will be able to identify and fix duplicate content issues

Organic search results are not only the most sought-after, but they are also the most profitable. Therefore, you should perform an SEO audit for your website to figure out how you can improve your ranking to get more traffic.

Four benefits of a free website SEO audit:

1. Reveal technical errors that affect your ranking.

2. Help you identify where to optimize your content with keywords.

3. Make sure that all other on-page SEO elements are optimized for search engine visibility.

4. You will be able to discover opportunities for backlinks from other authoritative sites.

In the online world, your website is your identity and if your website doesn’t meet certain standards, other companies will simply leave you behind. An audit ensures that you stay on top of things. For additional information on how to dominate your market segment go to our DOMINATION page.

We can optimize your online business for maximum success at a reasonable cost. Katy SEO Solutions is more than competitive with any SEO company in Houston or Austin. So when you need any type of SEO services fill out the form below. For a one-on-one conversation, click the telephone icon in the bottom right hand corner. As preparation for our conversation, run our free website SEO audit as a guide to what needs to be accomplished.


Katy SEO Solutions extends the offer of a free website SEO audit to prospective clients. Automated software programs perform a series of searches across multiple indexed pages on a client’s website and then analyze the results to determine the completeness and accuracy of the client’s keywords in the titles and Meta Descriptions. 

And while the offer of an SEO Audit for free is an attractive one, Google does not offer audits for free. Google charges between $300-$500 for a standard SEO Audit. That’s a significant difference! 

We also know that many businesses are on a limited budget, and the $300-$500 price tag for an SEO Audit may be out of the financial reach.

The data produced by a free website SEO Audit is purely indicative and cannot be guaranteed to be 100% accurate. The data produced by a free SEO Audit is also limited to the data provided by the SEO Auditor. The data produced by a free SEO Audit may not reflect the current or future needs of the client.

It is important to note that the software program design provides a general overview of the health of a client’s website’s search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. The SEO auditing software program is not a human expert, so there are limitations to the accuracy of the assessments. For example, the software will not be able to determine if a client’s website is spamming Google’s systems. A more detailed, rigorous SEO audit involving up to 400 individual items provides an accurate assessment that will reveal the full scope of SEO needs.

Does your Google web.dv/measure look like ours?