Two crucial SEO criteria employed by Google are explored on this page. These elements aid the Google search engine algorithm in finding the best fit of internet information as it relates to the searcher’s inquiry.

An SEO Glossary is provided to help understand the elements that makeup Search Engine Optimization and is found here at the  GLOSSARY

However, just what is SEO, and why is SEO so important? And what are the two crucial SEO criteria?

Like most digital procedures, Search Engine Optimization consists of several things, but we’ll cover two essential ones. Google and various other search engines constantly “crawl” millions of websites. That suggests net crawlers scan web pages throughout the web to establish whether they’re credible, exact, and significant. These robots are usually described as “crawlers” because they continually go through the “web.” Let’s examine these two crucial SEO criteria and how we utilize them in a website design.


As an exercise to better understand RELEVANCE as one of the two crucial SEO criteria, let’s assume you’re seeking to locate info regarding the first Lunar Landing. The first few options will undoubtedly offer you the historical rundown– dates, names of the astronauts, flight time, etc. This would be an example of RELEVANCE, the first of the two crucial SEO criteria.

All information comes from an academic resource. These results have been arranged partly by importance. Google’s spiders have figured out that the search phrases these pages use and the websites they connect to all have something to do with the Apollo Missions themselves.


RELEVANCE isn’t the only thing at work when it involves the SERPs. Again, using the Google search for Lunar Landing, a few of the websites detailed on pages three and five look promising. Their headlines indicate minimal information on the historic occasion, whereas pages one and two provide in-depth material.

Yet you’ll notice that these internet sites are ones you’re possibly not accustomed to viewing. Have a look at the URL distinctions between the very first page and also the fifth.

You probably recognize websites like Wikipedia and Google has ranked these findings on page one based on their credibility. All because Wikipedia and have credibility for being much more precise and prevalent. These sites have developed TRUST over time and meet the second of two crucial SEO criteria.

Google has put them on top. Internet sites that might include similar information but are much less well-known end up on later pages in the SERPs. An SEO in-depth technical revision of the websites on web pages three and five would boost their historical precision and elevate recognition for their knowledge. They would certainly have the ability to compete for page-one places with a lot more noticeable searches on the internet.

So, how does Search Engine Optimization function? Search Engine Optimization in the past was utilized only by the top 500 firms that could afford to work with costly SEO professionals.

On-site optimization

A website’s Core Web Vitals (loading rate), web content search phrases, and each page’s URL framework are the job of on-site optimization. On-site is the primary step in an SEO campaign because various other performance goals will have absolutely nothing to improve without it.

Off-site optimization

Off-site optimization includes online reviews, backlinks to your website, service listings, and client testimonials.

But wait– how much is all of this costing?

Every campaign is slightly different, which indicates we can not give you an accurate, complete price right now. Search Engine Optimization cost will depend upon what key phrases you choose to target, the location of your business, as well as market saturation.

However, we can do something for you at almost any budget plan since we scale our SEO processes. Every Search Engine Optimization project starts with a comprehensive audit of your existing website. Next follows thorough research to discover the ideal key phrases to target.

You’ll then get a personalized project that combines on- and off-site optimization strategies to get your pages to the SERPs’ top. COOL! I’m interested. What’s next?

Before we start, we believe several other points are essential for your consideration.

Every account has a specialized customer service team. Every campaign has several technical account representatives who know SEO inside and out. Our customer service reps will guide your account’s progress through every step of your campaign.

Each SEO campaign has monthly reporting calls. The account manager will provide an overview of their team’s work in the past month. Also, what they’re going to do in the future. How long before I am on Page 1?

If your website is new, less than six months since publication, or is older than six but has a low ranking, say 40 or more, there probably is a great deal of work to be accomplished. The objective, the meaningful impact, is most likely a minimum of three months from the start. It could be quicker or might be longer. Obtaining the two crucial SEO criteria is not always easily achieved.

All of our clients receive monthly updated progress reports. Additionally, we set up a private dashboard for each client so that detailed progress information is available.

Have we thoroughly answered “What are two crucial SEO criteria” and “What is SEO?” For a more in-depth, nerdy grasp of “What is SEO,” here is a link that might be just what you are looking for:  More Info WIKIPEDIA.

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